Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Grace in the Jobs we are given

How does one reconcile his beliefs with a job that is intrinsically evil? I’m still trying to find a way. I spent two years, unemployed, hoping to land a job outside the industry which I’ve been a part for many years. I prayed fervently that I’d be delivered, but in the end, in order to feed my family, I returned. Now, understand, I am well compensated and very good at what I do, but sadly it is the promotion of immorality and avarice. I wait upon the Lord to show me in what way I can serve him here or for him to use my talents for a better purpose. I am concerned that I have perhaps hardened my heart against his call too frequently in the past and that he no longer needs me on my time when I wouldn’t hear him when I was requested.

What I can do is to try and build up my domestic church as best I can. And hopefully another call is yet to come.