Monday, February 2, 2009

Today's thought

I don't know which scares me more... Joel Osteen's "sermons" or the people that believe them. I don't claim that I am any great theologian, but what I do know is that Christ did not come and die so that we may "have that house you always wanted." In fact, Mr. Osteen, despite your teachings, Christ certainly preached a "poverty mentality" and was opposed to our being concerned with the wealth of this world (I could cite several passages in the gospel, but there are far too many to include)... Our treasures are the good deeds and works that we can offer one another. That will be remembered in heaven, not your BMW and bigger house.

Wealth and health ministries are nothing more than distortions of true Christian Faith. They do far more damage than they know. My greatest argument to this point is that if you should watch Mr. Osteen's program, notice what is rotating slowly behind him as he speaks... A Cross? No... A globe, the world he wants his congregation to adore more than the message of Christ... Be IN the world, not OF it!

St. Francis, pray for us.