Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Feast of St. Lucy

Relying on Your goodness, O God, we humbly ask you, by the intercession of your servant, Saint Lucy, to give perfect vision to our eyes, that we may serve for your greater honor and glory. And we pray for the salvation of our souls in this world, that we may come to the enjoyment of the unfailing light of the Lamb of God in heaven. St. Lucy, virgin and martyr, hear our prayers and answer our petitions. Amen.

Today marks the 37th anniversary of my birth. I've never been a fan of this day, but this year thought rather than bemoan my birthday, why not celebrate the saint who shares this day. Being bespectacled myself, I can certainly appreciate the patronage of St. Lucy. So starting this year I will pray to St. Lucy for all of us who have trouble with our eyes as way to better appreciate this day and perhaps, in time, appreciate myself.

St. Lucy, pray for us!