Sunday, August 24, 2008

Vote No One 2008

Anyone who knows me knows it pains me to look at things with a cynical eye. I struggle to maintain an optimistic outlook on life for myself and for those around me. This election has really got me down. For the first time since becoming of voting age, I will not be voting. Pulling back from the issues and truly looking at everything around them I've discovered some sad truths about our flawed two party system.

It gains the Republican party nothing to do away with Roe v. Wade... Because once dealt with, they have almost no issues of any moral ground. The Democrats believe they stand on some altruistic platform preaching the ideas of socialist reform when in fact they are merely working to maintain a dependent voter base beholden to their "social" programs.

I'm sorry, but in good conscience, I can support neither party. I have decided it is best to opt out of this year's election. I have never supported the idea of voting of the lesser of evils, because it is still a vote for evil. As Catholics, we are all enraged by the atrocities of abortion, but electing a Republican will make no difference. Electing a Democrat will do no good either. As Catholics OR Conservatives we have the Supreme Court stacked with a 5 to 4 majority. Yet Roe v. Wade stands...

All I can say my friends is may God have mercy on us and may our prayers be heard that we may receive a candidate, who truly supports our beliefs, in 2012.