Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day?

Sadly, today's holiday felt like a misnomer... Independence, it seems these days, is one of our nation's missing liberties. We depend on foreign oil, on inexpensive foreign labor, on the financial loans proffered by foreign countries, and many of our poor depend on the government to simply live.

Yet we seem to proudly declare our independence from our Lord. Thanks for the last 232 years God, but we'll take it from here. It's now that we need him most and yet we are turning away. And what do we turn to? We are begging the Almighty Dollar to once again bestow its good graces upon us. When the religious right supported Rudy Giuliani for the nomination because of his financial sensibility, ignoring his pro-choice record, I knew then the heart of our nation. We like to talk a good game about our Lord, but have become too enamored with worldly wants and desires.

And now, we too suffer and our golden idols refuse to help. The high priests on Wall Street can offer no miracles and the princes, kings, and queens in Washington are helpless.

Jesus, Master, Way Truth, and Life, have mercy on us!