Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cross in the Woods

I found out, with great concern, that Michigan's beloved Cross in the Woods is rotting and in dire need of repair. The Cross in the Woods is the world's largest (non-abstract) crucifix. Work began at the site in 1954 and has been maintained by a Franciscan order. The wood cross, crafted from a single redwood, is beginning to experience severe rot (northern Michigan weather can be extreme) and repairs are expected to run into the hundreds of thousands.

The Cross in the Woods is one of Michigan's (if not the nation's) greatest Catholic treasures. My family and I have been to the shrine many times and always leave with a wonderful sense of peace. It is the most idyllic spot you can imagine, so quiet and peaceful. The picture we took, shown above, is a typical day at the shrine. There is both an indoor and outdoor sanctuary for worship and many wonderful surprises throughout the property.

For more information about the site, please visit www.crossinthewoods.com. Hopefully they will soon post information on how to make donations for the restoration, but in the meantime I'm calling up all the help I can.

St. John of the Cross, pray for us!