Friday, May 16, 2008

Community Garden

Very sore today... My wife and I and a handful of fellow parishoners have been digging up a plot for a parish garden. Given the rising prices of gasoline, the cost of produce is likely to go up as well. Poor families will be forced to make tough decisions on what food to buy and will probably have to remove fresh vegetables from their shopping lists in favor of meat, or less expensive canned foods. The purpose of our garden is to grow tomatoes, peppers, beans, squash, and other crops that we will distribute through a local human services organization. We believe it is important for all children to receive quality food, no matter what their family's financial status. Granted most kids hate vegetables altogether, but at least we want there to be a choice :). I've dubbed the program the Community PARISHables Project.

Our first step has been removing the grass and sod from the large area we plan to till up. It has been slow going, but we are making progress. My whole midsection feels pretty beat up, like I've been doing sit-ups and push-ups for hours. Helping hands are beginning to show up, but ours is an aging parish and those who are younger tend to have different priorities in life. Most folks in the parish are more apt to tell us why the garden won't work instead of concerning themselves with why we, as a faith community, MUST make it work.

I'll be posting updates from time to time outlining our successes and failures. If anyone is interested in starting a community garden in their parish, please feel free to contact me at the address in my profile!

St. Fiacre, pray for us!