Monday, April 7, 2008

The Angelus

I am, for a lack of a better term, bummed... I got it in my head earlier today when I was late, once again, for reciting the Regina Coeli, to look for an Angelus Clock for my home. Surely, I thought, there must be such a thing and I began to look online. I could find nothing save an antique Swiss clock that may or may not be what I was looking for as the description wasn't particularly enlightening. I refined the search to "prayer clock" and found many wonderful examples of Islamic clocks which signaled the call to prayer, some even intoned by a digital muezzin. But still no Angelus clocks.

When I lived in Petoskey, Michigan, the enormous St Francis Xavier steeple would faithfully chime at noon and 6 every day. I wasn't Catholic at the time so, while I made time to enjoy the chimes each day, they didn't have the same meaning. But now I'm totally dependent on keeping time on my watch, which I never look at, should I wish to pray at the correct time.

It's sad to me that something as simple as reciting the daily Angelus, which used to be something that people just did, now requires much more attention with no helps. The parish community that always thought and communed as community even when separated now has to be more of an individual effort. It's community that makes Catholics so unique, that sense that when you pray you are praying with thousands, millions even, of fellow faithful. That no matter what parish you walk into, the mass is always the same (mostly) and you are always, in a sense, home.

Coming to the party too late, it seems sometimes, I missed out on enjoying the Angelus bells and many other wonderfully Catholic ways of life. So to make up for that, I try to incorporate into my home as much of that tradition as I can find... I just wish today I could have found an Angelus clock.


St. Philip, pray for us!