Thursday, March 20, 2008


I'm thinking about Judas tonight... And wondering why many of us follow his example each day. As one of the twelve original disciples, he was given the inheritance of Jesus, all the riches of Heaven. He sold his share for 30 pieces of silver. That's not what damned him, for Christ's mercy is endless. He felt regret, we read that in the gospels, but it was his decision not to ask for redemption, unlike the very Prodigal Son of Jesus' parable, and to take his own life. It is by his action that we are left to ponder the Easter Triduum and the Passion of our Lord.

But what does this have to do with you? Everyday, we sell Christ out for far less. We not only deny Christ, as Peter did, but we don't seek redemption for our acts. So many people I've encountered in "real life" (outside the church walls) are afraid to admit their Christianity, and often go the extra mile to cover up their beliefs. Having been such a person myself, I know of what I speak. We treat Jesus like the friend we don't want others to know we have. We laugh at off-color humor we find distasteful or make fun of less-fortunate people, causing our spirits pain. We allow others to criticize our faith without so much as a word of rebuttal. Or we simply state we no longer believe in "organized religion". The famous statement goes "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing." At our core we are good people, but it is not enough just to feel like a good person. It is not our private belief alone that will save us, but by our witness and our actions in His name. And so we sell him out for even less than 30 pieces of silver and, over time, we begin to feel okay about it.

During this Easter Triduum, think about poor Judas... At the very least he regretted what he'd done. The question is, do you?

Pax Vobiscum!