Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fellow Converts Unite!

We are fast approaching the Easter Vigil as Holy Week begins tomorrow on Palm Sunday. The Catechumens and baptized RCIA candidates are nearing the end of their journey toward full communion with the Catholic Church. This time each year I think of my own journey and pray for those so near the finish line. A whole new life awaits them and we can only hope that they will be powerful witnesses to others of the calling to the True Church. At the left is a special rosary and box set for RCIA candidates. My wife bought me one at the start of my classes and I carried it with me throughout my formation. It was my faithful weapon against the doubts and fears of entering the Church. It accompanied me to Cathedral for the Rite of Election and again for the Chrism Mass. On the night of the Easter Vigil, I used the rosary to wipe the excess chrism oil from my head and placed the rosary in its box. Its work now ended it remains there as a reminder of my incredible journey. Today I always carry a rosary I made for myself that reflects my own character, but I often open up my RCIA rosary box and can still smell the wonderful aroma of the night I entered the Church. 

For anyone who has a friend or spouse entering the Church, or perhaps someone who is a sponsor of a Catechumen, I highly recommend this rosary as a gift. You can get them at EWTN's site or from a few other Catholic item sites on the web.