Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Concern for McCain

I was saddened to learn that John McCain accepted an endorsement from John Hagee, an evangelical pastor who is very vocal in his opposition to the Catholic Church. (I won't give his ravings a platform here, any who are interested can look him up.) Even as a Baptist, I had very little patience for the foolish ramblings of these, so-called, ministers. They have a startlingly poor grasp of the Bible and preach their self-serving misconceptions to a broad audience. Now as a Catholic, I am even more offended that such a person receives any sort of credibility. But having John McCain accept the endorsement is no less troubling than if Barack Obama had accepted the support of Louis Farrakhan, which he publicly rejected. Any person who preaches hatred should be rejected from any candidate's platform. I hope that Senator McCain reconsiders Hagee's support and chooses to distance himself from such bigotry.

And for the record, there are many evangelical ministers that have impeccable credentials and lead their flocks with patience, tolerance, and love for the Gospel of Jesus without denigrating the message of others. Unfortunately, persons like Hagee do damage their good names.