Saturday, January 26, 2008

Quiet evening

Two of my children are visiting their aunt this weekend, so it is very quiet around the house right now. Today we celebrate the conversion of Saint Paul and the final day of our prayer week for Christian Unity. Paul holds a special place in the heart of a convert. Having our eyes opened to the truth is not unlike Saul on the road to Damascus. Many of us Protestant converts were, in a way, persecutors of the Catholic faith. Then we suddenly hit a wall in our faith and could go no further. After we are shown the truth, many of us become zealots for Catholicism.

In the Gospels, Jesus speaks of how we should strive to have the faith of a child. As adult converts I have noted that many like myself enjoy a child-like wonderment of the Church. I feel like I did when I was in grade school and the joy of Sunday school that evaporated as I grew older. But now all the skepticism and doubt that I built up over the years was all but washed away as I entered a new faith life that seemingly exists on another plain. I pray that everyone will someday return home and that we can stop the separations in our religion and began building the bridges that will one day bring all the denominations back to the Church established by Christ himself.