Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another Birthday

Today is my birthday. I've never had a really good one, my fault I suppose. Being so close to Christmas, it was always overshadowed by the season. Even the money I'd get in birthday cards almost always was used for Christmas gifts for others. In college, it always landed in the middle of finals week. But because of those stressful finals weeks in college, I established a cherished tradition. For my birthday I get a couple slices of pizza from the Malt Shop near the campus of my alma mater. Last year I was in Louisiana and missed out, so this year will be special in reclaiming my old rite. I am amazed as I get older that it truly is the simple things in life which give us the most joy.

Plus, I did get a pretty good gift this year. My folks got me a new barbeque grill this summer as an early present. I had to leave my old one in Louisiana when we moved in May because it wouldn't fit in the moving van.

I hope all are well this wonderful Christmas season. For our family of five, it has been one of the best yet!